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Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

Signed up for Bike to Work Day! April 28, 2007

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According to the W&OD map, the ride from where I get on the trail to where I know it is near my workplace is 13 miles.  That doesn’t include the two miles it takes me to get to the trail in the first place nor the couple miles (I think) it should take me to get to the actual office.  I’m only going to do it one way since I haven’t worked my endurance up quite that distance to do it forth and back.  Lucky for me, my husband works at the same company as me in the same office building so he can have all my stuff waiting at the office for me as well as take me home in the evening.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even ride it back.  I think I’m going to try to see how far I can go tomorrow on that trail while also keeping in mind that I have to come back.  We’ll see how far I get!


Holy Allergies, Batman!

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This past Wednesday I was side-swiped by a really bad case of seasonal allergies.  I take Allegra 180 to keep my eczema at bay but it doesn’t seem to prevent me from getting really bad rhinitis.   Wednesday it started off as slight throat irritation and slowly progressed into sneezing, congestion, a constant runny nose, and finally yesterday into coughing fits.  We went out to eat last night and I could barely taste anything.  It sucked!

Today I went to a Confident City Cycling class which is free from WABA and the Virginia Bicycling Federation.  It was 3 hours and I thought it was too short!  It flew by!  There’s just so much to learn about cycling in general.  I’ve been doing a ton of reading, mostly books from the local library and I still feel there’s so much more to know.  I really liked it though and learned a lot especially about laws pertaining to cyclists, etc.

I did a 30-minute indoor ride on the neighborhood recumbent, stationery bike.  Still getting a feel with the ‘new’ cycling shoes.  I’m working on a steady cadence of around 90 RPM and working up quite a sweat.  Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful and I am going to ride!


April 28, 2007 – Confident City Cycling Class

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Washington Area Bicyclist Association, with the support of the DC Departments of Transportation and Recreation, and Arlington County in Virginia, presents a choice of six free classes in 2007 for cyclists 16 and over. Each class will be held for three hours on a Saturdays. Topics include:

  • Rules of the Road: Knowing is half the battle! Did you know that you have to adhere to the same rules of the road as a car or truck does? Did you know that you have the same rights that the operator of a car or truck does? Well its true- you do! Our course offers some great tips and tricks for safely and legally using our roadways.
  • Avoiding the Common Causes of Crashes: Believe it or not, most crashes are avoidable. Learn what to do if a car turns suddenly in front of you, if you have to stop suddenly, what to do to avoid the dreaded car door and much more!
  • Lane Positioning: Do you ever feel like cars are passing you too closely or running you into the gutter? Learn proper lane positioning to encourage drivers to pass you at a safe distance. Also learn how to safely cross lanes of traffic in order to made turns or avoid obstacles in the road.
  • Improving Pedaling Efficiency: Bicycling shouldn’t be backbreaking work! The bicycle is one of the most efficient inventions of all time- make the most of it! Learn how to shift gears in anticipation of a hill, achieve a good cadence, and minimize the wear and tear on your knees.
  • Useful Accessory Equipment: We all know you need a helmet, but learn some other helpful and handy equipment to make your ride more enjoyable.
  • Basic Bike Maintenance and Repair: Everyone who rides a bike should know some basic repair and maintenance skills. Learn how to change a flat tire and other emergency repair tips.



Acquired Some MTB Cycling Shoes & Road ID April 24, 2007

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I found some women’s MTB cycling shoes on my local Craigslist in my size. She was selling the gently used shoes for $15. They are the Nike ACGs in dark green. I brought them home and tried them on the recumbent bike machine that my complex has. I have wide feet and they are a little snug in that regard but otherwise fit just fine. I figure for $15 I can use them for a while before needing to buy new ones. Maybe by then I’ll feel I deserve shoes that are nicer and a bit pricier.

I also put in an order for my own Ankle ID from Road ID.  I hope I never have to use it but I figure for $20 it can’t hurt to have it.


Arlington & Alexandria Community Ride

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I just signed up!

Register Now for the Community Bike Ride


Grab your family and friends and bring ‘em all out to Arlington & Alexandria Community Bike Ride on Sunday, June 3, 2007. This non-competitive riding event will give you a fun, first-hand view of some of the best trails, bike routes and facilities Arlington & Alexandria have to offer!

With two routes to choose from, a bike safety rodeo for kids, full service rest stops, valet bike parking, prizes and music at the finish line, it’s sure to be a fun-filled day!

When:   Sunday, June 3 (rain or shine)

Starting Location: South 28th Street in Shirlington map>>

Start Time:

  • Registration/Check-in –  7:00 am
  • Community Ride (23 miles) – 8:00 am
  • Family Ride (7 miles) – 8:30 am


Early Registration (ends 5/31) register now!>>         

  • $15 per adult
  • $30 per family

Day of Registration

  • $20 per adult (cash only)
  • $40 per family (cash only)

Children 13 and under are free!

Join the Washington Area Bicyclist Association by 5/31 and get your ride registration for free!  (In person the day of the Ride $20, cash only)

register now!>>

All participants will receive a commemorative bike bell!

Don’t have a bike? No problem! Just reserve a bike rental from Bike the Sites at 202-842-BIKE. They’ll bring your bicycle and helmet rental to the ride start area! Mention this ride for a discount. Learn more>>

Get Ready for the Ride with a CONFIDENT CITY CYCLING CLASS!

Take a free class to learn how to ride safely when you’re cycling in an urban environment. Learn more>>


FAMILY RIDE: (7-mile loop)
Less experienced riders and families will enjoy this ride along popular Community trails like the W&OD, Mt. Vernon and Four Mile Run. Don’t worry, these trails are flat!

COMMUNITY RIDE: (23-mile loop)
More experienced riders will love this route, with on-street bike lanes in several neighborhoods as well as scenic trails like the W&OD, Custis, Four Mile Run and Mount Vernon- into historic Old Town Alexandria.

Rest stops at Bluemont Park, Rosslyn, Crystal City and Alexandria will be stocked with water, refreshments and restrooms and will provide basic mechanical assistance.


After the Ride check your bike safely with us as you enjoy Shirlington’s wonderful variety of restaurants and specialty shops!

Children will love this fun set of courses designed to improve their bike-handling skills. The Rodeo will take place from 10 am to noon at the starting area. It’s free and open to all kids up to 12.

Lucky winners will be chosen at random after the Ride for additional bike and gear prizes to show our appreciation for your participation in the Community Bike Ride.

After you roll across the finish line, get ready to jam to live music!

To help make this event a success, please contact Henry Mesias at Henry@waba.org or by calling the WABA office at 202.518.0524.


Broke in the New Bike April 23, 2007

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14 miles on the trail today on the new bike!! It was wonderful but I’m going to be sore the next few days. I’ve also discovered a new aspect of cycling outside . . . bugs in your mouth.

GT Nomad LTD 2007

Oh and I didn’t lose my heart rate monitor.  The people at the gym didn’t even notice it.  The RPM class I attended was dark and the case for the monitor is black.  If I didn’t know where it should have been I would never have been able to find it.  Now to upgrade?


I’m a Hokie April 19, 2007

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I’m a Hokie (I graduated in 2004, my brother in 2003, and my husband in 2000) and as for all the other Hokies around the world and everyone else with half a heart it has been a very trying week. I brought my gym clothes to work on Monday but didn’t make it to the gym until today. It has been really tough. I picked up my new bike on Tuesday in hopes that I would feel better. It’s been a good distraction but I still haven’t ridden it yet. Tomorrow should be nice out so I hope to get some riding in before going to Boston this weekend. I really wish we weren’t going out of town this weekend. Emotionally, I’m not sure that I’m ready. I’ve worked the past two days from home. I really needed yesterday but today I decided to stay home since most of my coworkers were elsewhere today anyway. I’ve stayed away from the coverage the past few days which really helps. I have a lot of unshed tears behind my eyes that threaten to come out while reading about the victims. Here they come again . . . I’ve never been so proud to be a Hokie. I’ve been wearing my Tech gear all week and can’t wait to proudly wear it to work tomorrow. God Bless the Hokies and all the Hokies at heart!