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Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

Lost My Heart Rate Monitor?! April 12, 2007

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Being an engineer, I’m kinda into numbers. I bought my heart rate monitor cheaply from a local Circuit City about a year ago and that thing has served me well. I really started getting annoyed with keeping my hands on those little metal sensors on the machines. I have been going to the gym on my train ride commute so I have to make sure that I have everything with me that I’ll need at the gym.

I realized yesterday while already dressed to work out and raring to go that I was without my heart monitor. I figured it was in one of my other bags in the car. Disappointed, I got my workout in anyway. It didn’t occur to me till last night that I left my heart rate monitor at another local gym that I visit on Monday evening. I had taken their RPM class that evening in which they turn out all the lights in the studio but blacklights. In the darkness, I forgot to pick my heart rate monitor off the floor along with my bag. I called them this morning and no one had turned it in yet. Someone at the gym was suppose to look in the studio for me and call me back if she found it. Thus far, no call. I doubt she’s even still working today. My only hope is to go there today and see for myself whether or not it’s there. Sighh, I hope I’ll find it forlornly on the floor next to the bike I rode that night. Maybe someone will turn it in for me. I have faith in my fellow man, right?


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