Where The Bike Takes Me

Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

Signed up for Bike to Work Day! April 28, 2007

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According to the W&OD map, the ride from where I get on the trail to where I know it is near my workplace is 13 miles.  That doesn’t include the two miles it takes me to get to the trail in the first place nor the couple miles (I think) it should take me to get to the actual office.  I’m only going to do it one way since I haven’t worked my endurance up quite that distance to do it forth and back.  Lucky for me, my husband works at the same company as me in the same office building so he can have all my stuff waiting at the office for me as well as take me home in the evening.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even ride it back.  I think I’m going to try to see how far I can go tomorrow on that trail while also keeping in mind that I have to come back.  We’ll see how far I get!


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