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Today’s Ride & A Visit to Spokes May 16, 2007

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I debated riding today since I was so tired but it was so beautiful out that I decided I just have to go especially since I know I’m not riding tomorrow for various reasons.  I set out West on the W&OD with the intent to stop at Spokes bicycle shop in Vienna which is around mile marker 11.5.  The bike needed lights.  🙂

I noticed today that as I was riding on a higher gear than I had been in past rides.  Also, it took me less than 40 minutes this time to get to my pitstop in Vienna.  I definitely moved faster today.  I do realize though that I also did not have the heavy backpack I did last Friday when I timed myself on my way to work for my trial run.  But still, I definitely rode on one higher gear up than I had been even before!

I bought some lights at Spokes because I had a feeling that I’d be getting home a bit later than usual.  The days are getting longer but still not like what it will be in summer.  I installed the lights outside of the store.  I didn’t want to be caught out there without not being seen well or at least better.  I also bought a reflective vest which I’m still not sure I’ll keep and a bike map for Washington DC and surrounding areas.  That thing is cool!

Once I got home (I hate living at the top of the hill, whew!) and ate dinner I finally installed my cyclocomputer from Planet Bike that I bought at REI months ago.  I fine tuned the lights to my liking and moved the front reflector.  There really isn’t a whole lot of real estate up there on a handlebar.  I definitely have to say that the bike is looking nice.  It looks great with all its new accessories but I also feel a sense of relief knowing that I am helping myself in trying to be more visible to people in the road.  I’m finishing up “The Art of Urban Cycling: Lessons from the Street” by Robert Hurst.  I’ll devote another post to that later but I really think that everyone should read it.  Take it upon yourself to help yourself and never assume the actions of other people.  Happy Riding!


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