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Harlem Valley Rail Ride and Updates July 23, 2007

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My, it has been a long time since I last posted. I am still very much into my newfound hobby and have managed to spread the love and got my two best friends (aside from my husband) to get new bikes. After tinkering with my old mountain bike for the last time that my husband has been riding we decided to just bite the bullet and get him a new bike especially since we are registered for the Harlem Valley Rail Ride this weekend up in Millerton, NY. We’ll all be taking hybrids up there. We’re slated to do the 55-miler but my husband and I have not been racking up that many miles in one ride. Thank goodness it’s a social ride moreso than anything.

Among the new toys that we recently got are: a hitch for our car so we can use a hitch-style bike rack, said bike rack, a new bike computer for the road bike, and a helmet for hubby since he refused to where one before. Thank goodness, Bike New York requires one. 😉

The road bike and I have been having a lot of fun together despite its age and lack of numerous gears. The first time I rode it beyond the mile to the local Metro station I was exhilarated with the speeds I could attain with it. It was almost like flying! Now racing definitely doesn’t appeal to me for the sake of competing but the speed definitely does! Since the hybrid cannot accommodate a proper rear rack that would support panniers I’ve been using the road/tourie to commute to work when I decide to do so. Had I known then what I know now about needing the proper eyelets for the bike I probably would not have chosen the GT Nomad LTD even though I do love that bike a lot. I am considering the Old Man Mountain Sherpa rear rack for it despite its hefty price tag. Now if only someone would call me back from Bikes@Vienna and let me know their shipment has come in.

I ordered two of Joe Kurmaskie’s books from Amazon.com: The Metal Cowboy and Momentum is Your Friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through Joe in Metal Cowboy. Sadly, with the last Harry Potter book now in my possession I will have to put Joe down for a little while and find out Harry’s fate. I should get through that very quickly but I think I can still manage to read some of Joe’s short stories when I need a cycling boost. I highly recommend you check out Joe for some cycling enlightenment.

Big shouts to Chuck for checking in on my blog and for leaving a comment. I will be making a link to his website as well.

Expect a ride report after Sunday!