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Pictures of the 8 Lighthouse Ride September 17, 2007

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Ride report to follow soon!


Pre-Ride Report & the Loss of Daylight September 13, 2007

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Tomorrow the husband and I leave for Portland, ME for our much anticipated 8 Lighthouse Ride despite that the weather report is showing rain showers, high winds, highs in the upper 60s, and lows in the evenings in the 40s for Saturday.  I went to the nearest bike shop and picked up some tights and full-fingered gloves for us.  Hey, the weather is only going to get colder from here on out.  I was surprised at my husband’s request for the tights especially because of his marked humor at wearing Lycra.    He put them on as soon as I got home giggling the whole time like he was a 6-year old.

We are planning on not checking in any baggage so that  we can get to the bike shop in time tomorrow.  That means not a whole lot of place for storing things.   I’m thinking that  instead of bringing my cycling shoes I’m just going to wear my waterproof Merrells since it will probably rain during the ride and they are just so darned comfy.  Plus, they will take me throughout the weekend.

I’ve had this battle with an ovarian cyst the past few months and wouldn’t you know this weekend I woke up with that crampy feeling that I’ve learned to associate with the cyst.  I am really hoping that it doesn’t affect me for the ride this weekend.  I will be bringing plenty of pain killer.

The other day I decided to ride home from work.  I wasn’t too sure about the weather.  It looked dark in certain parts against the sky and I’m not use to the shorter days.  I thought if I left around 6:30 PM I’d still have plenty of time to ride.  My husband worked late that day and didn’t like me being out on the trail that dark.  After 8 miles I had him come pick me up.  You could definitely still see but it was a lot darker than I am use to.  If I were a guy, maybe I wouldn’t be so concerned.  There were still plenty of people on the trail but a lot of them were tying up their rides and here I was just starting mine out.  It looks like I’ll have to do more rides IN to work rather than home from unless I start leaving early.

I realize I never did my Beach Road Rambler ride report with the VeloDCity Meetup group.  Let’s just say having your shoe stuck to your pedal is a comical experience and thankfully I didn’t suffer any falls.  The great guys at The Bicycle Place were awesome enough to pry my shoe from the pedal and give me a new cleat with some Locktite for free.  Somewhere I had lost a screw from the cleat and only had one and that’s why I couldn’t unclip my pedal.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, I’ll have a ride report after the trip this weekend and plenty of pictures to boot.