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Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

Dear Mr. Rider . . . December 18, 2007

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Dear Mr. Rider,

I saw you trudging up that hill on that busy road this morning with your bright red backpack.  I can tell you had some experience doing this ride in the morning as evident by the way you tucked your pant legs into your socks so as not to get them caught in your drivetrain.  And I do really feel bad for you taking a chance to commute down Route 7 westbound across the overpass of 495.  I know the city/county is to blame for not giving pedestrians (many of whom I see daily) and cyclists a safe way down Route 7 without having to play chicken with the cars hopping off 495 or coming from said highway.  However, I must implore you, as a cyclist driving her car to work this morning having to hop ON to 495 from Route 7, PLEASE, PLEASE ride your bike like a car.  The fact that you crossed the on-ramp to continue on your merry way almost caused a chain-reaction pile-up behind you.  I had to slam my brakes hard in order not to hit the car in front of me who had to slam their brakes hard in order to not hit the car in front of them and so on and so forth.  PLEASE, PLEASE read “The Art of Urban Cycling” or attend the League of American Bicyclists’  Road I course or practice vehicular cycling.  Stand your ground and make your ride safer for you and the rest of us.


A concerned cyclist driving to work this morning


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