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Cycling Indoors December 29, 2007

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This year, I decided not to get a gym membership and instead decided I would get a 1up Bicycle Trainer after doing some research on the internet. It is more expensive than most trainers out there but let me tell you it is a great piece of engineering. It is solid and sturdy and I don’t need a front block. There is no mess and it provides me a great workout. I also recently purchased the first 1.0 Spinerval DVD, No Slackers Allowed. Yeah, it kicks my ass. I set up the bike in the spare bedroom so that I have to look at it and it calls out to me when I’m being a slacker. I do miss fitness classes though but until I’m going regularly I don’t think I should commit myself to a gym membership plus we have mini-gyms at the office and in our complex.  Can’t wait till I get over this cold!


2 Responses to “Cycling Indoors”

  1. John Pickett Says:


    Good to see you joined the indoor crowd. I’ve been riding an assortment of bikes on the same indoor trainer for years. Mine uses wind resistance from fans and makes an incredible amount of noise so I am sequestered in the basement with an old TV and some DVDs.

    When you first go out when it gets warm, beware of the steering; your legs will be in midsummer shape but you won’t be used to steering or balancing. The first couple of hundred yards are always an adventure.

    Just to keep things interesting, I biked to work this morning. 29 degrees with a headwind. And it will be much colder tonight.


  2. f8th637 Says:

    Thanks for the warning about the steering and balancing. It’s amazing how that has really stuck in my head, JP. We’ll see how it goes the first ride out of the season. 🙂

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