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Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

New Year, New Rides January 5, 2008

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I took up cycling almost a year ago. It will be a year ago come Spring. This year, I’m looking forward to tackling the rides that beat me like the Harlem Valley Rail Ride and enjoying completed rides like the 8 Lighthouse Ride (which I learned recently is going to be called the Maine Lighthouse Ride now.) Who knows what new places I’ll visit this year on the bike?

Among the new tools I’m using to get fitter and train this year is the virtual tour of the TransAmerica trail from Yorktown, VA to Portland, OR. You can bike, walk, and run your way across this 4247.5 mile trail and it will show you pictures of where you are. For instance, today I did 8 miles on my indoor trainer. This brings me 4.98 miles to Williamsburg, VA and here:

Pretty neat, huh? I think I’d actually like to do parts of it if not ride the whole thing. If you want to follow my progress just check me out here: http://exercise.lbl.gov/user/otherUserView.html?publicId=50486.

I’m currently reading “Smart Cycle” by Arnie Baker. It’s among a couple of cycling books I got for Christmas. I’m not looking to race or anything but I am looking for some sort of regimen to help me get in shape and to ensure that I complete the 55-miler this year in Millerton, NY. I definitely want to get faster also. Today on the trainer I averaged 11.1 mph. I can definitely do better. I also need to work on becoming stronger for hills. So those are two of my cycling goals this year. I really need to sit and think about what I want to accomplish. I’m glad that the last ride I did last year was a 47-miler. I remember my first official bike ride last year was 8 miles and I was so proud then. I definitely do have a lot to be proud of in fact!


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