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Bike Fit Appointment Made! January 27, 2008

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I have decided to bite the bullet and pay for a professional bike fitting.  I seem to have problems with overall knee stiffness once I hop off the bike regardless of how easily I’ve been pedaling.  40 minutes on the trainer renders me fairly useless until my knees stop swelling (which is what I’m assuming they are doing when they get stiff.)  I suspect that my knees are stiff because my cleats are not in the right position since I am knock-kneed.  I have also always been kinda wary of clipless pedals and my ability to get out of them when I need to because I am knock-kneed.  I’ve thought about getting some Speedplay Frogs but again that’s another added expense.

So I inquired on some of the message boards I frequent and got some recommendations on people who do a good job of bike fitting.  People also mentioned looking into Speedplay Frogs and showed me these pedal extenders called KneeSavers.   After a great e-mail from Andrea here in the area I decided to give Jill at Proteus Bicycles a call.  She came highly recommended from many people who responded to my request.  So I’m meeting with her on Tuesday. They are closed Mondays and she does fittings from 11 PM to 4 PM during the week only by appointment.  After that you can come in for minor adjustments anytime.  She said to set aside 1.5 hours and to bring all my cycling gear and that I will also be spending some time riding the bike in the lot towards the end.  I definitely consider this time to be an investment.  I’ll update after Tuesday on how it goes but I’m really looking forward to it.


One Response to “Bike Fit Appointment Made!”

  1. vicp Says:

    Clipless pedals are very dangerous.
    I’ve been riding bicycles continuously since I was 5. Have even commuted to work year-round in suburb north of NYC, Had been using Shimno clipless pedals for about 10 years and had several occasions when I couldn’t release from the pedal and dumped over. The last time, at age 58, caused my right hip to fracture. I needed 2 surgeries and 6 months of rehab. After the accident I found out about two other cyclists who suffered hip fractures because they couldn’t release from their pedals.
    Needless to say I took them off my Trek and will never use them again.
    The Pain was not worth the gain.

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