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Things to Help Pass the Time on a Stationery Bike January 29, 2008

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I realized that I never posted about what helps me pass the time while riding on the trainer. First and foremost, I have to have good music. For this I turn to DJ Steve Boyett and his popular Podrunner podcast. As of February 1st, he is going to start releasing a Podrunner Intervals workout which I’m really excited about. The music really reminds me a lot like the kind you hear at a lot of Spinning classes and really gets me moving.

I also recently bought a book holder bought at my local Performance Bike to fasten on the bike so that I can catch up on my latest Bicycling magazine (or Marie Claire). It is actually hard to read with the book/magazine on the holder itself but it is good for putting it down when you really want to crank.

My favorite of all these though is probably the full-length episodes of 30 Rock that you can stream from nbc.com. They have minimal commercials and 2 episodes is a nice 40+ minute workout. Plus they have me cracking up which makes my workout seem a lot more enjoyable.

So these are just a few of the secrets I have for getting some time and miles in on the bike. I hope you have your routine down or that maybe I’ve given you some good ideas for you to check out. Happy riding!

ETA: Oh also, I had to postpone my appointment with Jill at Proteus Bicycles till the following Tuesday because of work.  It turns out this probably worked out in our favor because the guy that was suppose to open for her today didn’t show up nor did she hear from him so she was a bit worried.  I hope wherever he was he was ok.  I hate when work gets in your way, don’t you?


4 Responses to “Things to Help Pass the Time on a Stationery Bike”

  1. je Says:

    I did 100 miles on a spinner bike a couple of weeks ago. Friends help if you can pedal with them. But nothing can help like a lot of loud, rock and roll music while you crank out lots of miles.

    Of course, I’m kind of crazy just for doing 100 miles indoors, but the music sure did help.

    Good luck on the wheels!

  2. John Says:

    I bought a trainer a few years ago and really never warmed up to the thing. Now I am content doing cross training. Things like racquetball and kick boxing.

    It’s all good as long as we do something I suppose.

  3. f8th637 Says:

    Thanks for the comment, John. I’m kinda limited in terms of what I can do for cardio by my doctors because of my bad knees. Swimming would be my first choice for crosstraining but I don’t have access to a pool till it gets warm again which of course coincides with the season.

  4. John Says:


    I’ve had a bike on an indoor trainer from the last 20 winters. Mine is a wind resistance unit and makes an awful racket when I’m going at full speed.

    I watch movies. I often ride for 50 minutes or more without even realizing the time has passed. I shift gears every couple of minutes so that I get a good ten or so minutes in my top gears every half hour.

    I also read. By the end of winter I find it difficult to read without movng my legs!

    A good fan is a must. You generat and incredible amount of body heat riding indoors.

    Good luck with your “rides”, and you knees.

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