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First Commute of the Year March 11, 2008

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Last Thursday, I finally made my first ride into work of the year.  My commutes are never round-trip since one leg of the trip is almost 16 miles.  That probably makes me a pseudo-bike commuter.  I do pack a lot since we dress business professional at work and I can’t keep a stock of my necessities in our locker room since we can’t rent them.  I weighed my panniers when I got to the locker room and they were 18.2 lbs which included a laptop, an outfit, shoes, a towel, small bottles of toiletries, and my makeup.  I really only noticed the extra weight while I was going up hills in that I was slower.  I firmly believe now that my rack will suffice is that for the most part on the ride I had pretty good clearance with full panniers.  If I had bigger feet or shoes though, I probably wouldn’t have the option.

The commute was uneventful just as a commute should be and I’m really getting use to the seat now.  It’s downright comfy now.   I really love my bike and feel like I have the right one since the concept of touring and really long rides really appeals to me.

I came across Adventure Cycling’s website and looked up their C&O Canal/Great Allegheny Passage fully-supported tour.  If we weren’t going to buy a house this year and otherwise be busy I would probably consider going this year but am instead really gunning for doing it next year.  Like REALLY considering doing it.  Next year is the time because then the husband and I will probably try to start a family afterwards and who knows what will happen then?

Till then, I ride!


One Response to “First Commute of the Year”

  1. John Says:


    I did the C&O and GAP (to West newton PA) ride solo in 2005. This was before the sections between Cumberland and Meyesdale PA were finished. I had a great time. (http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/dcin2005)
    The C&O was so nice it became boring. Flat, beautiful vistas, birds in the trees….The GAP is just wonderful. And I didn’t even do the Big Savage Tunnel.

    I also rode part of the GAP in 2003. (It rained; I got sick. Not fun.) (http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/indc2003).

    If you want a good warm up ride, you should check into the North Central Rail Trail north of Baltimore, It goes from Cockeysville to York, about 83 miles round trip. It’s unpaved just like the C&O and GAP.

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