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The Mixte Gets a Makeover June 17, 2008

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I picked up the mixte from Bikes at Vienna a little after 7PM (they officially close at 7) and am incredibly ecstatic at how she looks. Aside from the rust spots on the bike she is like a brand new bike. Since I got her I have replaced the tires, the saddle, the handlebars, the grips, the chain, the cassette, and the brake levers. She now shifts like a dream and I’m sure that chain slippage problem is now a thing of the past. Now that I’m so use to the road bike stance of the Kona Sutra it’s actually weird riding on a bike upright. I’ve still got some adjustments to make on the bike like move the saddle back a bit and put the rack and maybe the fenders on it. If I do put the fenders on it then that means they no longer sit on the floor of the spare room. 😛 Pictures to come when she’s done but she now has a Honey Brooks and matching grips. Stay tuned!


One Response to “The Mixte Gets a Makeover”

  1. les johnson Says:

    Check out Bike Club on Washington st Falls Church
    and Race Pace ,Wheaton and other locations…
    Bike Club is “old school” shop with a good attitude about getting you back on your wheels , whatever you may be riding!
    Race Pace is good source for any sort of “upgrade” componetry …no matter where you may be…. was looking for pics of your “mixte”….(how I found your site)

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