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Local coffee shop offers ‘Bicycle Benefits’ – Green Daily August 21, 2008

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Because I don’t have time to blog properly. . I’ll just share this:

Local coffee shop offers ‘Bicycle Benefits’ by Laura Malesich Aug 21st 2008 @ 4:51PM

Typical of most days for me I am sitting in a coffee shop blogging. (Thank goodness for Americanos and molasses cookies today!) Enjoying my treats and typing away I look up to the glass window and discover this subtle little sticker that says “At this location your Bicycle Benefits get you: A 12oz Coffee FREE!” Always feeling guilty about my coffee-addiction expenses I stare in disbelief. Racing to type in the web info to make sure this isn’t some mean trick I discover Bicycle Benefits — an organization that promotes those businesses in the U.S. who have made the commitment to offer their cycling, earth-friendly customers a discount. Order a sticker, place it on your helmet, and proceed into the nearest Bicycle Benefits business in your area. (So far it looks like that is limited to British Columbia, Colorado, Montana, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Utah and Wisconsin).

Local coffee shop offers ‘Bicycle Benefits’ – Green Daily

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post! 🙂 I appreciate it! Cycle on.

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