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My Bike is Mad at Me October 19, 2008

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I haven’t ridden the Sutra outside since the Wednesday after the Trek (which I know I still have to write about) where I rode in to work.  That was mid-September. Then the reunion-planning got into high gear and well, the riding, fell to the way-side.  The good news is that now the reunion is behind me and it was a great success.  Since not riding, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained some weight.  This past week I put the bike on the trainer and rode it for 30 minutes.  The Sutra was mad that I hadn’t lubed her chain and that I hadn’t ridden her outside in about a month.  In this month, I have attempted a truce with gifts.  I bought her two Knog Frog LED lights: one in Olive with a white LED and one in a yellow-orange with a red LED.  I have mounted them yet they have yet to see the light of day.  I also lubed the chain and made her saddle look like new by picking up a tin of Brooks Proofide and giving the saddle some love after the 3-days of rain from the Trek in Cape Cod.  I have promised the Sutra that I will ride her in to work one day this week so that she can see the Fall foliage that is starting to come up.  I am hoping then she won’t be mad at me anymore and may even forgive me.

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2 Responses to “My Bike is Mad at Me”

  1. Kathy Mehrzad Says:


    I came across your blog through searching the Bikes at Vienna site. Seems as though you love cycling as much as I do and live in the area. I’m always looking for more people to cycle with. My husband will come out with me occasionally but he’s not into the sport like I am. If you’re ever interested in riding east or west on the W&OD, please reply.


  2. f8th637 Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I’m Angel actually, not Melissa. I ride on the W&OD often as you may have noticed. I’m glad to have found another potential riding buddy. 🙂 Talk to you soon!


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