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Continuing this journey of cycling in efforts to get into shape, lose weight, enjoy the outdoors, and save my knees from their arthritic state at 28 years of age.

The Pittsburghers Put Me to Shame December 30, 2008

Filed under: cycling — f8th637 @ 7:58 pm

I’m in Pittsburgh visiting my in-laws in hilly and chilly country. I have seen way more cyclists on the road than I totally expected. It didn’t get out of the 30s today. I think the high may have been 34. It didn’t stop the guys I saw today decked-out in full weather gear panniers and all. Kudos to you! I haven’t ridden outside since October maybe. . . tsk tsk.


2 Responses to “The Pittsburghers Put Me to Shame”

  1. Bach Says:

    Get out and ride! 🙂
    I bought a full set of cool and cold weather gear, so I’m prepared for anything, and I do get out of my comfort zone and ride.

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