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Birthday Present for My Sister May 13, 2009

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My sister, who has the added luxury of living in a very flat part of the state of Virginia, has asked for a beach cruiser for her birthday at the end of the month.  She had originally wanted this one from Chubby Cruisers in California: http://www.chubbyscruisers.com/shop/firmstrong-bella-fashionista-p-290.html in Vanilla.  Vanilla isn’t available so any light-colored pink or white would do.  I noticed that K-Mart had a Schwinn for around the same price.  I searched around for it and finally found the pink one at the K-Mart near my office.  I must say that I like this bike mostly because of the retro-ness of it.  I use to have a bike this same color with a banana seat on it growing up.  I love that the Schwinn Windwood has fenders, a chainguard, and a rack in the back.  It also has these big white-wall tires if you are into such a thing.  I took it for a spin in my cul-de-sack yesterday.  I must say that the coaster brakes unnerved me just because I’m so use to reaching for the brakes on the handlebar.  I considered picking myself up a cruiser because of its more upright position for my ever-growing belly but thought that my husband would freak if I brought yet ANOTHER bike home.  Plus, I hadn’t tried the mixte yet and it looks like she’ll work out just fine.    Also, a cruiser is not really practical in the landscape that surrounds me.  I hope my sister doesn’t come looking at this blog otherwise she’ll ruin her surprise.  😉


Where I’ve Been

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I know there’s been quite a hiatus in my postings. Coincidentally, however, I noticed that my last post was in December while I was in Pittsburgh spending the holidays with my in-laws. It was during this visit, my friends, that my husband and I learned that we were expecting! I’m due September 5th and it looks like we’re having a girl. I have ridden since finding out. There was a nice 17-mile ride my husband and I did in February to explore our new neighborhood. Oh yes, we bought our first house over the winter as well. I have good reasons for not posting. I more recently rode 8 miles on the W&OD here after work one day but realized that I was not going to be able to do that much longer on that bike as it made my tummy uncomfortable. I could probably do about 5 miles and be fine. But here the mixte comes to the rescue! I took it out of the shed yesterday to see if I’d be more comfortable riding on it and it looks like the Sutra will be retired for the rest of the year. I will say that after that 8-miler a few weeks ago I felt great the next day. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that Baby Girl is as avid a cyclist as her parents are.